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Character Education


The National School of Character Bade

Bayless Elementary School was recognized as a 2021 Missouri State School of Character and a National School of Character.  The goal of the National Schools of Character (NSOC) awards program is to recognize all schools and districts that demonstrate an exemplary level of implementation of Character Education Partnership's Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education. The awards recognize the level of excellence that schools and districts have achieved in the Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education of Effective Character Education. These principles guide the process of creating a culture based on the community’s shared values.  In 2019, the Bayless School District reexamined our core values.  The new core values have taken the form of a Portrait of a Graduate.  These core values what we want every Bayless graduate to have and they are taught in every grade PreK - 12.

PBIS on the Bus


A badge featuring the state of Missouri, given to gold PBIS schools

Bayless Elementary School prides itself on the respectful and productive behavior of students and staff. As a staff, we feel the need to continue working toward this goal by helping children learn necessary skills and behaviors for school success. To accomplish this, we implemented a school-wide program called the Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS). The program is based on students demonstrating positive behavior traits from our Character Education programs. PBIS allows us to use data to make informed decisions and Character Education is the foundation of everything we do at Bayless Elementary. ​These programs use a proactive educational approach, instructional strategies, and logical consequences. 

During the first two weeks of school, our teachers spend time discussing school and classroom procedures. We believe that taking this valuable time to allow all students to obtain the knowledge of our expectations, rewards, and consequences that each child will have an optimal learning experience for the entire school year. All students are expected to abide by certain standards of behavior in every area of the school, and under the supervision of every adult staff member, not just the classroom teacher. Each staff member has his or her own classroom expectations. However, the following expectations have been adopted by the entire faculty, staff, and administration as the basic guidelines students should follow at Bayless Elementary School.


Every day our students say the Character touchstone during the morning announcements. The purpose is to focus our students on the core values we expect to see them do every day. Below is our touchstone:

No matter where I’m going,
No matter what I’m doing,
I will be a problem solver and a collaborative communicator.
I will be a global citizen who thinks critically and creatively.
Because we are a family.


Portrait of a Graduate Core Values:
  • Problem Solver
  • Creative and Critical Thinker
  • Collaborative Communicator
  • Global Citizen

Did you know? Bayless Elementary is a 2021 National Schools of Character recipient, but also recognized with 13 Promising Practices, 2009 Missouri School of Character, and 2010 Profile in Character.